The Vatican claims the Fátima children died of 

Suicide Driven by Faith

"Francisco and Jacinta Marto advanced their deaths in slow and agonizing ways to suffer and die for the conversion of sinners as instructed by the Mother of God at Fátima..."*

*Apostolic Library Record di Canonization Francisco Jacinta Marto p vii May 9, 2017

Either the Mother of Jesus murdered Francisco and Jacinta Marto as the Vatican canonization record claims or someone else murdered them.


A century ago, an angel is said to have appeared to three children in Portugal:

The sole narrator of the Fátima visions...

Lucia Santos, age 9

...and her younger cousins who were said to have seen but not heard the visions:

Jacinta Marto     Francisco Marto

                                  age 5              age 7 (retarded)


The following year, the Mother of Jesus is said to have appeared six times to the same children.

Scores of reporters witnessed the events at Fátima. All they saw was Lucia Santos talking to the air and relating the Lady's instructions to her cousins:

     "if they suffer and die for the conversion of   
      sinners, She would take them to heaven."

Lucia's mother, Rosa Santos, had repeatedly told reporters: "Lucia wants to become a saint. She knows many people are saints because they convinced others they had talked to dead people."*

*O Mundo 16 Jun 1917, Ordem 1 Jul 1917, Diario da Noticias 14 Oct 1917, & others

Regardless, on the Internet, one will find that Francisco and Jacinta Marto flogged each other with stinging nettles (Poison Ivy), wore torturous cords about their bodies day and night, abstained from drinking water for weeks under the burning rays of the sun... Click:  'Our Lady of Fatima'  

Consistent with Lucia Santos' own testimony:


"Francisco's driving ambition to go to live with Jesus, little Jacinta, a gaping wound in her side, dragging herself from bed to lie prostrate on the floor in prayer, thrashing each other with stinging nettles until each of them screamed for mercy, cords twisted tightly around their waists piercing the skin so painful tears flowed from the eyes, weeks on end when the sun hung like a hot stove over all that was living and dead in the Serra da Aira  without a single drop of water to drink. Like Christ on the cross, little children offering their suffering and eventually their lives for sins of the flesh against the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  My witness of these things filled my heart with joy."*

*Lucia Santos' 1963 book Fatima in Lucia's Own Words p 142 & 1942 Memoir IV p 7

Today, 1.3 billion Catholics share in Lucia's joy. Two little children deprived of the wonder of growing up, of finding the love of ones life, of having children of ones own...  

Regardless, Lucia would have known that insofar as most approved visions had involved more than one visionary, if she involved her cousins, her chances would be immensely improved.

She also knew that she would have to control them for the rest of their lives for, as they grew older, they might deny the visions. The only surefire way to do this was to shorten their lives.


In one of his conversations, when he was a bishop in Northern Italy, the 33-day Pope told the author of his revulsion of the Church's exploitation of the tragic deaths of the Fátima children.
As a cardinal in July 1977, he investigated the events at Fatima. He visited the village where Francisco had died and the hospital in Lisbon where Jacinta had died. He then spent a long day behind closed doors with Lucia Santos.  

Scores of reporters surrounded the cardinal as he left the convent looking for the familiar smile. All they got was a look of terrible anguish. When asked why Lucia had not discussed the  'Miracle of the Sun' the day it was said to have occurred,  Luciani told them: "She didn't see it dance!"*

* O'Dia 9 Jul 1977 & Messaggero Mestre 9 Jul 77. After his death, the Vatican made up stories of his great devotion to Fátima. Not true according to the press that recorded his every move in the twenty years he was a bishop and a cardinal.

More recently, Lucien Gregoire flew to Portugal.

Here is this reporter's onsite investigation of what the press recorded in 1917 before the princes of the Church got hold of it, witness of doctors who treated the children, death certificates, hospital, interment, exhumation and forensic evidence...

Was she the pathological liar her mother claimed?

Was she a paranormal schizophrenic who really believed the things she imagined she saw?

Did she really see a ghost?



The five year waiting period for beatification was waived for Lucia Santos after she died at age 97. She is on her way to sainthood, as we speak.

One might ask why popes would make children saints for killing themselves lest it encourage other children to kill themselves for sinners?

They believe in it themselves.

John Paul II beautified both Francisco and Jacinta Marto and Pope Francis canonized them saints.

John Paul II was known to have practiced self-flagellation. Our Sunday Visitor March 15, 2010

Francis is believed to engage in self-flagellation Dear Dirty America March 14, 2013

Lucien Gregoire's

Is Heaven for Real: Suicide Driven by Faith


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